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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Bucket List

I know a lot of people make bucket lists in the summer, but that is not for me. I feel like my plans often get thwarted by the oppressive Oklahoma heat. Instead of a summer bucket list, I have made one for fall.

1. Go on lots of walks with Garrett.

Thanks to the cooler weather this past weekend (finally!) we were able to take a few walks this weekend. The best part was that Garrett let me step on all the crunchy leaves -- that's love, people!

2. Plan Halloween costumes.

Yes, I am one of those people who likes to do couple Halloween costumes. Right now I am thinking Black Widow and The Hulk, but Garrett is trying to get me to let him dress like Bruce Banner. Sounds like a cop-out if you ask me ... :)

3. Bake lots of things with pumpkin.

Although, I'm not sure who will eat everything because I married a crazy person that doesn't like pumpkin.

4. Go camping at the Wichita Mountains.

Camping is something that I enjoyed as a kid and hated as a teenager. Too much family togetherness. However, I really think I would like to hike and camp with Garrett.

5. Clean the house.

I do not believe in spring cleaning. It's already too hot to go upstairs in the spring. We might be moving soon, so I need to clean some stuff out anyways.

We also have some exciting things already planned for fall!

We are going to see the Broadway play Lion King in a couple weekends. It is playing in Wichita which is only a couple hours away from our house. This will be our anniversary present to ourselves. I am SO EXCITED.

My brothers are also coming to stay with us for a weekend. I haven't lived at home since they were 10 and 8, and now they are 17 and 15. It's hard to believe how much they change every time I see them. I was able to see them over the summer, and they are both taller than me and attempting to grow facial hair. So weird!

What exciting things do you and your families have planned for the fall?

1 comment:

  1. 1. Find a job
    2. Hire Kenzie
    3. Make more butternut squash things, especially soup.
    4. Pray pumpkin gets cheaper so I can do #3 except with pumpkin.
    5. Trick or treat with the cutest fireman and chili pepper ever!