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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Dinner

Well, you know how some people write blogs with cute pictures about the first dinner they made for their brand new husband? And the pictures have delicious looking meals on cute new plate settings, with flowers in the center of the table?
This blog will not have pictures.
I made French Toast for dinner, which I had never made before. The bread I made it on was really thick because Garrett likes TX toast, so I said, "sure, why not?" Anyways, I cooked it until the bread was brown on both sides, and Garrett cooked bacon, and we sat down to eat. We each cut into the bread, that oh by the way, was still soggy in the middle and gross. Garrett is such a good sport and ate 2 pieces anyway, but we definitely threw away the left overs.
We didn't take any pictures, even though I love our new Fiesta Ware. It's blue and green.
And we didn't have flowers in the middle of the table either. Well, we did. But they're dead and I'm getting up to throw them away and wash the vase as soon as I finish writing this.

Hopefully tacos tomorrow will go over a lot better.

The End.

Wife. :)

We are back at home, and currently in the middle of our first day back at OC. (Our last first day!) I thought about taking a picture of the two of us like your mom does before you go to kindergarten, but I imagined the look I would get from Garrett if it was mentioned and decided not to mention it.

It's hard to believe that we have already been married for 11 days. Our honeymoon to Chicago was awesome and flew by much faster than I wanted it to, but we had an awesome time. We came home to a broken air conditioner that didn't get fixed for another day and a half, so we weren't able to move Garrett's stuff in until yesterday afternoon. But our duplex is finally looking like a home and I absolutely love it!

Being back at our duplex, and going to school where I am referred to often as "Mrs. Keck" is really starting to make me feel like a wife!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I'm starting to feel the stress that comes with a wedding. I was kind of wondering when it would turn up.

I'm nervous that things won't come together the way I have them envisioned in my head. While I was making centerpieces, I tried the idea that was in my head and it looked ... terrible would be an understatement. I'm hoping that doesn't happen with the way I want the stage set up, or the paper lanterns, or anything else.

I'm also worried about the way everyone will look. I hope the room isn't exploding with color. All the groomsmen have different ties, and the bridesmaids have different flowers ... (ties and flowers match) I'm kind of starting to worry about that. It's going to be a lot of color, with no suit jackets to cover up really bright ties.

I'm also nervous about my parents meeting Garrett's parents. Not really sure why. I think this is normal.

I'm also kind of worried that my sister will cause more problems. She begged me to let her wear converse and have a sash on her dress, and I gave in because I was sick of her being a brat. (Granted, I'm wearing converse, but my dress is looong so you can't see them!) Now I'm kind of wishing I would've stood my ground because I think that it will look weird to have her wearing tennis shoes while everyone else is wearing heels or cute flats. I was just so sick of her giving me a hard time about it. I gave into the sash as long as she bought one for another bridesmaid too, and even though now there will be 2 people with a sash instead of just one, I still think it will look funny, but the truth is that a sash won't look good on anyone else. I just don't want to look at the pictures and have the first thing people say is, "Why is Haley wearing tennis shoes? Why do only 2 people have sashes?" Maybe I'll just tell Meredeth not to take any pictures of people's lower halves. *head desk* I don't even want to think about it.
I'm probably just super paranoid.

I just want it to
1. be perfect and
2. I want to prove to my mom/other people that I successfully planned an awesome wedding on what seemed like the smallest budget in the entire world. Everyone said that I couldn't do it, but I want them to come and say, "Holy crap. She did it."

I know all the material stuff doesn't matter because at the end of the day I am still marrying my best friend, but it's really hard to convince myself of that sometimes, because I still want things to look good.

At least I know that I'm going to have some awesome wedding pictures. Have I mentioned lately how excited I am that Meredeth is going to be taking them?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uh ... apparently I haven't posted anything for awhile

Today Mumby told me I hadn't posted anything in awhile.
So. Here we go.

13 days til the wedding. Um ... holy crap? Where did my summer go? I thought that the few months leading up to the wedding were going to move suuuuppppeeerrr slowly. Um. Not so much. I didn't realize how often I said, "oh ... I'll do that later." NOW is LATER.

Also I'm super excited for the wedding. And for Chicago.
Wrigley Field.
Boat Tour.
Blue Man Group.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


This weekend Garrett and I moved my stuff into this awesome duplex that we found with the help of his awesome mother. It's pretty much fantastic and obviously way better than living in a tiny OC Phase 2 apartment. It has 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms, a big living room, an awesome kitchen, and my 3 favorite things:
- a dishwasher
- a washer
- a dryer
So far the only thing that has gone wrong is the air conditioner going out last night. Which, you know, wasn't that big of a deal since it was only 106 yesterday. Hopefully that is getting fixed as we speak ... :/

It is so great having an entire house I can decorate however I want ... with Garrett's input of course. :)

I can't wait to move his stuff in and have him living there with me and make it our home! And have dinner parties and Wii parties and game nights ... of course that might have to wait until we have enough money for something besides macaroni.

But it's so great. :)

Only 16 more days til the wedding!