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Saturday, July 17, 2010

34 Days!

I seem to have taken a long break from doing anything related to the wedding. The next 34 days are going to be hectic!
Today we are hopefully:
1. Selling my car
2. Getting an apartment at The Links.

I keep thinking that there really isn't a whole lot left to do, but I keep thinking of things randomly - usually at like 3 in the morning.

We still have to:
-order flowers! I went and looked at flowers in May, and she told me to come back the middle of July to order them! Time went by really fast.
-make programs! I've really just been procrastinating on this because every time I go into Microsoft Publisher to format them I end up wanting to throw my computer up against a wall 10 minutes later. But this weekend I have asked my awesome finacee to help me, even though he can do in 10 minutes what I can do in 2 hours - and that frustrates me. :P
-I really want to have a kid's table. But I don't know how many young kids are going to be there. I know there will be a lot of college-age people, but I know there will be a lot of people from Edmond CoC too, and I'm assuming they will bring their families. So, I want to have some games for them, but I don't really want to spend any more money on something that I'm not sure will get that much use.
So, I thought about printing out some coloring pages and getting crayons from Dollar Tree or something. I also thought about making an "I SPY" page with things like "shiny jewelry," "someone giving a kiss," stuff like that. I know ... CHEESY ... but cute too, right? I also know there is a website somewhere were you can make your own crossword puzzle, so I could make that wedding related too.
-I still need to talk to Karen Driskill about my cake. I've sent her 2 that I like, but I haven't picked one yet. Here is the one we will probably end up with ...

The other one that I'm thinking about has white fondant around the entire thing, and has these cute blue flowers with green stems going up the side of the cake. The only thing is that I'm worried that fondant won't taste as good as frosting. Anyways, that is my cake dilemma.
-We also have to pick up all our stage decorations from Karen's house!
-We still need candles!
-We still have to go shopping for food. That we won't do until like 2 days before. I wish food didn't go bad. I really DON'T want to make a Sam's run two days before the wedding. :P


  1. Hey,

    You should have crayons and blank pieces of paper and have them draw you guys something!

    Your crazy stalker roomie.

  2. Fondant will never taste as good as frosting but most of the time ( in my experience anyway) people usually just peel it off and leave it to the side.

  3. I like the idea of the coloring pages (I was going to suggest something like that) and the "I Spy." If someone responsible was in charge of returning them would they let you borrow crayons from the church? You could also make like 10-20 trips to Abuelo's, Friday's, etc and ask for kids' menus! Haha. You could also let them make collages out of pictures from all your wedding magazines. For some of the food - you can always make sure it's all wrapped up real tight and freeze it, especially if someone has a big freezer. This would work for meat and cheese and stuff and even some veggies like carrots.