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Friday, October 29, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

Being married is the GREATEST thing.
I only have one complaint. I feel stuck in the middle.
Example. We are trying to find a church. We are still in college, so we want to hang out with college aged people. But when we go to college Sunday school classes, there is this HUGE lack of alikeness. What I mean is, those people aren't married, and I feel like being around other married people would greatly benefit us. Hopefully we will find somewhere we can connect, because I would love to have more married friends.

Similarly ... I went shopping yesterday and I feel like I am in the middle of clothes. I don't really like juniors clothes anymore, I really have no desire to look like a teeny bopper, and I would like to eventually be taken seriously. However, shopping in women's makes me feel old and I have this fear of going home at Christmas and having the same sweater as my mother. I already have issues with matching that I think came with being forced to wear pouffy lacey dresses on Easter every year that exactly matched my sister. I mean. Matching with your sibilings is one thing, but matching with your mother is completely different.
Also, part if this isn't even my problem, I've decided elderly women still really want to dress like their young, but picking out a shirt and then seeing it in the shopping cart of 103 year old woman does not make me want to buy said shirt.

I promise these two things relate.

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