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Thursday, November 4, 2010

365 Days of Blogging

Obviously November 3rd, 2010 is the prefect day to start a year of blogging. Ok, actually, I had every intention of starting this right when we got back from our honeymoon so that I could record the highs and lows of our first year of marriage. But we just got so busy with school that it hasn't happened. The only reason that it is happening today is that I am too sick to move from my big cozy bed.

So here we go.
Obviously, today isn't starting out so hot. But I'm thankful for the break. Side note: Do not ever take 23 credit hours, especially when you have a ridiculously bad case of senioritis. You will most definitely lose your mind.

Luckily I have an awesome husband who made sure I had all the essentials right next to my bed before he left for school. (Computer, Kleenex, water, and dark chocolate peppermint bark.)
Also I have this ridiculously comfortable bed and an awesome BFF named Megan Willson who gave me her Netflix password so I could spend the day watching chick flicks online.

Here's to being cured by 8:00pm so I can go and see Thoroughly Modern Millie with the husband and mother-in-law. :)

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