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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Dinner

Well, you know how some people write blogs with cute pictures about the first dinner they made for their brand new husband? And the pictures have delicious looking meals on cute new plate settings, with flowers in the center of the table?
This blog will not have pictures.
I made French Toast for dinner, which I had never made before. The bread I made it on was really thick because Garrett likes TX toast, so I said, "sure, why not?" Anyways, I cooked it until the bread was brown on both sides, and Garrett cooked bacon, and we sat down to eat. We each cut into the bread, that oh by the way, was still soggy in the middle and gross. Garrett is such a good sport and ate 2 pieces anyway, but we definitely threw away the left overs.
We didn't take any pictures, even though I love our new Fiesta Ware. It's blue and green.
And we didn't have flowers in the middle of the table either. Well, we did. But they're dead and I'm getting up to throw them away and wash the vase as soon as I finish writing this.

Hopefully tacos tomorrow will go over a lot better.

The End.

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