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Monday, July 23, 2012

TOMS flag wallet

TOMS flag crafts have been all over Pinterest lately.  I recently saw a picture of a cute TOMS wallet. I didn't click on the link because I knew I could make it myself.  I am not the best at explaining things and my pictures are a little sketchy, so if you can't understand these instructions there are many more tutorials out there that you can easily find by searching on Google. 

To start, iron all the creases out of your flag.
Flip your flag over and fold up the bottom blue section. Iron at the crease.

 This is what it will look like right-side-up.  Using a dollar bill to measure (or just eye-ball it) mark on the front of your flag how big you want your wallet to be.
 Flip back over, and cut off the extra pieces of the flag. Save the extra!
 Next, cut off the top blue section too.  Save that as well!  The extra pieces will be used for credit card pockets.
 Next, fold up 1/4 of an inch on each side for seams.  Iron at the crease and then sew.
 Next, fold your wallet in half!  Don't sew up the sides yet.  It is easier to sew on the credit card pockets if your wallet isn't completely together yet.
 For the credit card pockets I just folded my wallet in half, like it would be if it was closed.  Then, using the extra scraps from the flag, I measured how big one half of the wallet was, and cut the scrap a little bit smaller than that.
 Unfold your flag, and sew those pockets on!  I only did one on each side, but there were probably enough scraps for 2 per side.
 Finally, fold the wallet in half lengthwise and stitch up the sides.
Ta-da! Your wallet is finished! 

Now, the only issue I have had with this wallet is that it is a little flimsy. If it turns upside-down in my purse, the cards tend to fall out.  This is a huge problem for me because I have one of those huge Mary-Poppins-purses, so digging around for a credit card or ID could take awhile.  It needs some kind of lining or maybe I just need to make the credit card pockets a little tighter fitting so they can't slide around. Any ideas?

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