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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I love this quote.

Two of my very dear friends are traveling the world right now, and I can't help but feel an enormous sense of longing when I see the pictures they post on their Facebook pages.  There are so many gorgeous countries outside the US. I almost feel homesick for places that I have never been. 

We are 24 and almost 26. "The world is our oyster" if you will. We have great jobs. We have an amazing church family.  We live close to my in-laws, which has been an incredible blessing. But are we trapped? The spark that is my longing to travel the world has not gone out. It is shining brighter than ever before.  But how do you leave two "grown-up" jobs to spend 6 weeks in a foreign country, with no guarantee that your jobs will be happily waiting for you upon your return? You don't. It's not smart. It's a huge risk. Have you ever teared up over the beauty of a simple photograph? Maybe I'm just weird, but looking at the pictures that my friends have shared with me make me want to take that risk. If not now, then when? When will we travel the world? Is my dream to travel bigger than our dream to adopt a child?  Bigger than Garrett's dreams? I don't know.
It seems as though the wandering ones are anything but lost ... maybe those who sit and see the world through the eyes or the camera lens of someone else are the ones who are lost.`

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