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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dresses? Check. Shirts? Check.

Yesterday we made the final decision on bridesmaid dresses. I was originally going to go with ones from David's Bridal, but they were so. expensive. So I started hunting department stores so that my bridesmaids wouldn't go broke. I found this dress:

Two of my bridesmaids have already ordered theirs! Yay. Way to be on top of things. Also, did I mention these were just shy of 40 bucks? Not too shabby.

Then I started looking a dress shirts for the groomsmen. I really wanted something that was going to match the dresses as closely as possible. While we will most likely wait til the dresses come in to make the final decision on the shirt, this is the one that I'm leaning towards.

I am really happy with how much we have gotten done this week! Tomorrow I am going to try on wedding dresses, and then going with the future in-laws to The Melting Pot! So. Excited.

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  1. IM ONE OF THE ON TOP OF THINGS BRIDESMAIDS!!! ( i think...oh...nope. i ordered mine yesterday...after this post. dang.) also. thats what she said. also. YAY FOR NOT GOING BROKE!!!