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Friday, June 18, 2010


For every single person who questions my sanity when I tell them I have a best man ... here is my explanation. (Which ... according to poll results ... only 9 of you will read.)

Josh is my best friend. Well. Garrett is my best friend of course. But if he didn't exist, Josh would be my best friend. I met Josh freshman year at OC and we have been best friends ever since.
At first, my mom suggested the idea of making Josh my best man. She said it's a new wedding fad so people wouldn't think it was weird. (She was wrong.) Also - it's 2010! I can be untraditional. But ... I decided I was too much of a traditionalist.

First I asked Josh to usher. Changed my mind and asked him to stand at the guest book table. Decided that job was better for a girl. Changed my mind again and asked him to light candles. Decided that wasn't good enough either. Then I contemplated coming up with another bridesmaid and throwing Josh on Garrett's side. I couldn't come up with anyone else. So. That is why Josh is my best man.

Everyday someone questions this decision. I want to blow up in their faces and tell them that I'm already stressed enough planning a wedding on such a small budget, and not being able to have dancing (I've had my father/daughter dance song picked out since I was 8) ... so just leave me alone and let me have my best man. But I am not bridezilla so I haven't blown up at anyone yet.

I will just say that every time I doubt this decision and worry too much what other people think, that Josh reassures my decision every single time by showing me why he is my best friend, and why I can't wait to have him standing up on the stage with me when I marry Garrett and start a new chapter of my life. His support means the world to me.
I might be crazy, but I don't care.
The End.


  1. Kenz I think its awesome! You didn't choose who God gave to you as your best friend and there are no laws stating that you can't have a best man... i mean come on they even made a movie about it! You're doing an awesome job planning this wedding and its gonna be great! About the dancing... yeah that sucks i went through the same thing with Krystin cause she was in the same situation but rest assured that it will still be everything you want it to be and the day will be as good as you make it so remember that its about you and him and the marriage you're about to begin and now about everything else... everything else wont matter once the day is done so dont sweat the little stuff and enjoy the experience cause you will blink and it'll be over. Let me know if you need anything I got like a billion bridal magazines and several other things that might be useful to you.

  2. Kenz this is YOUR WEDDING and I promise that even if you were doing everything according to the "traditional" books people would still find something to criticize. Shannon is right--i just learned this--on the big day, it will be all about you and Garrett and that is all that will matter. Do what you guys want and feel like doing and I know it will be great because it will be yours!

  3. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the encouragement!! :)

  4. I'm sorry about the dancing. No worries on our front on the best man thing. Unless you watch "Man of Honor" Which you by no means have to. :-p