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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Creation

Today in class at church, we focused on the passage found in 2 Corinthians 5:17. "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"
Our teacher pointed out that the word "new" in this verse, doesn't necessarily mean something that is brand new, something that has never before been in existence. It actually is referring to more of a renewal. For Paul, the author of 2 Corinthians, this renewal brought about several changes in his mannerisms and views. He mentions no longer having a worldly view of Christ. We know from reading elsewhere in the Bible that Paul, or rather Saul, actually persecuted Christians. When he becomes a new creation, his view of people changes. Instead of killing them, he is actually persuading them to follow Christ. The love of Christ completely controls him.

The idea of being a new creation is something that I have had some problems grasping. I grew up in a Christian household, and generally was a good kid. When I was a teenager, my mom and I didn't get along very well, and there were some rules that I broke, but I never got into any really serious trouble. I was in a program called Bible Bowl where I did some pretty intense Scripture memorizing and studying. I was homeschooled, and had many friends through that, and also had several friends at church. Every single one of my friends was a Christian. When our youth pastor encouraged us to bring our unsaved friends to church, I really had no one I knew to invite.

When I got to college, I struggled with my beliefs a lot. I was sucked into the reality that I really needed to decide what my own faith was. I was not raised in a Church of Christ, so I was suddenly having my beliefs challenged by many of my closest friends and professors. I responded to this by finally asking my friends to quit bothering me about it and pretty much decided that Sunday morning was a really good day to sleep in. .  During my freshman and sophomore years of college I did some things that I am not extremely proud of. Sometimes, it is really difficult for me to not mentally dwell on those mistakes. Because of the mistakes that I had made, I was not very close to God at all. I didn't really study for my Bible classes - the work came easily to me because of my upbringing in a church and involvement in Bible Bowl. My junior year of college, I was baptized by my friend Tim. I didn't feel like a new creation, I felt totally the same. And I was the same on the outside, it was the inside that was changing.. Although the inside of me was becoming closer and closer to God, and still is, there are definitely times where I still dwell on the mistakes I made in the past.

Today's lesson really struck a chord with me. We talked about how a renewal doesn't always change an outward appearance, but changes the heart. Sometimes we have to wake up each day and remind ourselves that we are not going to participate in our old behavior. We have a new way of living that should come naturally to us, but it is still hard to get accustomed to. The way we used to live is no longer a part of us and there should be nothing about our old selves that we should overlook or forget, because it was washed away when we became a new creation. When the sins of the past are washed away, we still have to work at forgiving ourselves. I think that is the hardest part.

When we become a new creation, we should physically and mentally no longer be able to participate in the negative things we did in the past. Our teacher tied this back to Genesis, in Joseph's response to Potipher's wife. She has just asked him to sleep with her, and Joseph replies, "How could I possibly do such an evil thing against God?" Because he is a believer in God, he CAN'T! That should be how it is for us. It is hard to stay on the path that God has laid out for us, but when we become a new creation, we are no longer alone on the path. We have someone there with us who is keeping us on the path as well and helping us not to dwell on our past selves.


  1. I love this post! And I especially love the end when you say that we're not alone. That is the best part in this walk with God. He knows how hard it is and He wants us to rely on Him. It's the only way! Love you, girly.

  2. Kenzie! This was so well written and thought out! I was really bummed to have missed class this morning but thank you so much for this. I was waiting to hear from a non-Christian friend of mine who wanted to come to Church with me this morning and she kept telling me she wasn't quite ready for class yet but wanted to come to worship. She ended up backing up from coming to worship at the last minute but hopefully she will become less shy about it and start coming.

    Anyways, I have struggled with the idea of being a new Christian as well. I was raised in a Catholic household and attended Catholic school for 9 years. I was brought up with what to recite and I knew the background but I definitely would not call myself a "believer in Christ" during that period of my life. It wasn't until I came to college and I immersed myself with some of the strongest believers in Christ I know that I began to understand what it really meant to be a believer in Christ not just by being able to recite the specified bible verses but by actually living out my Faith.

    The righteous path is not the popular path. It is the hidden and narrow way that only those who are actively seeking it will find. Staying on it is even more difficult. We are surrounded in this world by so much temptation and the ability to stray away from the God that loves us so much but once we renew ourselves making those choices become less and less difficult until we reach the point where our priorities change. You are right, the narrow path may be narrow and difficult to navigate but we are never alone in our fight.

    Now I am just rambling and losing my train of thought. Anyways, my point of this is that I love this blog post and I really hope this reaches the people out there who really need it. :)

  3. There are so many grammar mistakes. It just proves that you should never write a comment while you've got two 10 month olds climbing around in your lap.

  4. Thank you for posting about your thoughts. Everything you wrote rings true because it is rooted in Scripture. I am really glad to have you in our class and I appreciate your comments, during and after.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone! :)