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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I recently saw an idea on Pinterest for a DIY Monopoly board. What the girl had done was basically just changed the locations on the board to places that were special to her and her boyfriend.  

Garrett and I are going to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on August 20th, so I decided to make a similar adaptation of the game, using places that meant something special to us, starting the day we met, and ending on the day of our 2nd anniversary.

To make the board, I bought a large piece of posterboard and literally traced a Monopoly board. It made the spacing of each square super simple. I also tried to keep the same color scheme as the locations on the board so that I wouldn't have to make cards with the rent and prices of each location, but unfortunately I didn't have the right colors to do that. I did leave all the prices of the locations in the same order that they are on an original Monopoly board. 
At the bottom of this post is a list of all the places that I used and the reason they are on the board. I put it at the bottom so that if you don't care you don't have to read it! :)

I kept the income tax, railroad, community chest, jail, Go, Free Parking, and utility spaces in the same place as the original board, but I changed the names of some of the spaces. For the railroads, I used "Honeymooners Railroad," "Cupid's Arrow Railroad," "True Love Railroad," and "Sweetheart Railroad."  I changed "GO" to "Home" and "Free Parking" was changed to "Free Rent."
I called our game KECKOPOLY ... clever, I know. :)
Here is my board:

For chance and community chest cards, I left any dollar amount the same, but on some I changed the wording to apply more to our own lives. 

(I wish our student loans were only $150...)

Finally, here are the location cards that I made. This one is for Edmond Church of Christ, where we got married. Using the original Monopoly board, I saw that this space corresponded to Kentucky Ave. So, I found the Kentucky Ave property card, and just copied everything that was written on the card. 

For the railroad cards, electric cards, game pieces, and money, I am just going to use the original pieces from the board. 

Here is the list of the places that I used:

-Tim & Grace's Apartment, OC Phase 2 (where we were first introduced!)
-Cracker Barrel, Edmond, OK (where we went on our blind date, accompanied by Tim and Grace)
-Tinsel Town Theater, OKC, OK (another stop on our blind date)
-Josh and Kristen's House, Edmond, OK (this is where I was living when we met. At some point after our blind date, he brought his Star Wars movies over because I hadn't ever seen them. My roommates encouraged me to see if he could stay and watch one with me. I have no idea what it was about.)
-Red Couch @ OC Library (where we first said, "I love you.")
-Kenz's Apt OC Phase 4 (where we had our first kiss)
-Chatuauqua Park, Boulder, CO (we visited my family so that Garrett could ask my dad if he could marry me! This is one of the places I took him to while we were there.)
-Pearl Street, Boulder, CO (another stop on our Colorado trip that I have many fond memories of and wanted to share with him)
-Teal Ridge Pond, Edmond, OK (where we got engaged)
-OC Pond, Edmond, OK (where the Alpha guys ambushed Garrett on our way home from church and "ponded" him - an OC tradition)
-The Melting Pot OKC, OK (where my in-laws took us to celebrate our engagement)
-Edmond Church of Christ, Edmond, OK (where we got MARRIED!!!)
-The Airport Hyatt, OKC, OK (where we spent the night of our wedding)
-The Water Tower Hyatt, Chicago, IL (the hotel where we stayed on our honeymoon)
-Soupbox, Chicago, IL (our favorite place to eat on our honeymoon - we ate here for lunch every day)
-Navy Pier, Chicago, IL (one of the places we went on our honeymoon)
-Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL (another stop on our honeymoon)
-Peter Pan's Flight, Disney World (we went to Disney World with some friends in Oct. 2011, and this was my favorite ride)
-The Dole Whip Stand, Disney World (another Disney World favorite ... the BEST pineapple soft serve)
-Smashburger, Edmond, OK (one of our "go to" restaurants when we want to go out.)
-Nhinja Sushi, Edmond, OK (another one of our "go to" restaurants ... and where I finally introduced Garrett to the wonderfulness of sushi)
-The Grandison Inn Bed and Breakfast (we were going to go here this coming weekend to celebrate our anniversary, but then both of our cars broke down in the same week so we had to cancel our reservation to help pay to fix them, but we are definitely planning on going at a different time!)

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