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Monday, August 20, 2012

Anniversary Weekend

Today is our 2nd anniversary! Since weekdays aren't very conducive to celebrating, we decided to celebrate on Saturday. The morning started off with some of our favorite weather ... cool and rainy. We are both HUGE fans of rain. It was the perfect start to a perfect day!

We started the day playing Keckopoly, the game I made that was described in this post. Since Monopoly takes a billion hours, we took a break for lunch at Nhinja Sushi followed by some frozen yogurt at Red Mango.
Here is Garrett half-way through playing Keckopoly ... he only had 2 dollars left and was obviously thrilled that I had decided to document the day in pictures ... of course, an hour later he had taken all my money and I had to forfeit because I couldn't pay him rent for landing on his space with 2 houses on it.
After Garrett completely whooped me at Keckopoly, we went to the best dinner of our lives at Deep Fork Grill. I highly recommend it if you live in Oklahoma City and are looking for a nice place to eat dinner. I got lobster fettuchine alfredo and it was the best lobster and the best alfredo I have ever had. Their rolls are really delicious too ... always a plus! We were definitely in food heaven for a solid 2 hours afterwards. After dinner, we went to the lake/pond where we got engaged and took some pictures.
 Here is where I miraculously shrank 4 inches ... usually we are the exact same height.
Garrett is pretty good at picking out gifts ... by that I mean that I send him an e-mail with some things that I like, and he picks a couple off the list. He got major brownie points this year because recently I have been obsessed with elephants. Last summer, our zoo got a baby elephant and ever since then I can't get enough. I have collected some pretty cool things in the past year - a couple of my family members even had some things to give me. I'm going to be that old lady with 1000 elephants in her house - although I don't think Garrett will let it get THAT bad. This iPhone case and elephant necklace were perfect presents!

I will end this post with my favorite picture from our wedding day. I can't believe it has already been 2 years. Being married has been the greatest experience of my life!

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