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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Job

I have been blessed with an awesome new job. The kids are great. I have not come home with a migraine. I have not come home crying. Garrett has not had to spend his evening listening to me complain about my job. It's awesome. The money is nice too - I think we will be able to pay off my new car in a little more than a year instead of 7. Whoot.

The kids names and ages are Pressley (4), Paisley (3), Payden (3), Prielle (18 months) and Pryce (15 months.). I feel sorry for Pryce because he is surrounded by girls. These girls are all cousins. It's awesome to see how unique they all are.

Yesterday they told me that they would like to keep me around until all their kids are in school! Yay for long-term jobs. :)

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