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Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Wrap Up

I spent Christmas of 2009 at my boyfriend-of-2-month's house because my flights were cancelled due to a blizzard. Waking up to him on Christmas morning was the BEST. THING. EVER. I definitely thought, "I could marry this boy." Yes. After 2 months. When you know, you know ....

On to 2010.

January = my 2nd to last semester of college, although I didn't know it at the time. I was planning on going until May 2011.
February = turning 22. Felt about the same as being 21. But my roommates did get me some epic presents and decorated the whole apartment with streamers.
February also was my first Valentine's Day with a "significant other" ... Garrett got me a Transformers comforter. I knew it was love.
March = started freaking out because Garrett and I were talking about getting engaged after only dating for 5 months. Who does that? Oh. Us.
April = Vanessa got engaged, Megan got engaged, and on April 27th ... GARRETT AND I GOT ENGAGED! Seriously, a great way to end finals week. :)
May = We decided to plan a wedding in less than 4 months.
June = went crazy planning a wedding. Enrolled in 24 credit hours for the following semester so I could graduate the same time as Garrett. (WHAT was I smoking?)
July = went crazy planning a wedding.
August = wedding month! First Vanessa on August 12th, and then I married my best friend on August 20th. Chelsea flew down from Washington to be one of my bridesmaids which meant so much to me. Brady flew in from Colorado. Phoebe, Hannah, James, and Ryan drove through the night to make it to the wedding. Justin came from Chicago. Caitlin flew in from the North East. All my dad's family came in from Oklahoma. I was so amazed at how many people were willing to travel.
Kristen was my maid of honor, Josh was my best man, and Megan, Mumby, and Chelsea were my bridesmaids. It was the greatest thing ever. Annetta was there to make delicious food and make sure that I didn't lose my mind.
After the wedding we spent 7 amazing days in my favorite city - Chicago. Yeah. I cried when we left. Whatever.
2 days after the honeymoon we went back to school. Garrett took 18 hours and I took 24. Yeah. We're dumb.
September/October/November/December = worked our butts off but still managed to get ridiculous amounts of sleep. :)
December = Both of us got jobs for after graduation. I'm going to be a full time nanny, and Garrett is working at Red Earth Systems doing something with software ... oil ... check writing ... I don't know. Then we graduated on December 17th!
On December 25th we spent Christmas day with Garrett's family, and I was reassured that I married into an awesome family and I am so excited that I have the opportunity to spend as many Christmases as I want with them.
On the 27th we traveled to Colorado. We spent some time with Curtis, Josh, Phoebe, and Brady. It was so awesome to reconnect with some of my best friends.
On December 31st we risked death and drove up a snowy mountain to make it to my sister's wedding rehearsal dinner. (Slight exaggeration ... but only slight. haha)
And on January 1st, 2011 my sister got married to Luke Crumb ... who has probably had a crush on her since she was 10. It was awesome to see them finally get married.

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